The Wells Legacy

Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's ~Hipolito


Welcome to the FAQ: Here you can find the links of my frequently visited CC websites. 90% of the CC that I have comes from these sites, so finding the CC you are looking should be easier. If you can’t find something using these links, then please feel free to leave a comment on /this/ page. This way all WFIC’s will be in one place.

In addition to CC, any misc. questions can be posted here.

Thank you,


Frequently Visited CC Sites:

Around the Sims 3 [Furniture, clutter, functional cc]

Simblr CC Resources [clothes,hair,poses,furniture, decor, etc…]

Shockshame Finds [clothes,hair,poses,furniture, decor, etc…]

My Sims 3 Blog [clothes,hair,poses,furniture, decor, etc…]

The Sims Resource [ clothes,hair,furniture,BIRTHING POOL]

To save time:

Most requested link:

Birthing Poses



17 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi, I was wondering what site do you get 90% of your poses from? Cause Im inlove with them all but I cant seem to find all the ones I like.

  2. Can I ask what grass your using in the newest chapter the second picture? I know a question about grass how boring but it looks so real and just I want to sleep in it and roll in it a thousand times…..Im going to stop talking before it seems like im grass crazy or something…

  3. Hey! I’m looking for the pool you used for one of the births.. where did you find it??

  4. Thanks!! Also, I’m looking for some of the poses of Bel in the pool…where did you find those?? Sorry to keep bothering you!!

  5. Thanks so much! You have been so helpful!! ❤

  6. Where you download birthing pool?

  7. Okay, there are several poses I cannot find, the one with her leaning on the counter, fist clenched, being helped into the pool.. and I was also curious as to how you were able to keep her top half clothed and lower half not.. thanks!

  8. hi there! I’ve been looking for the birthing poses and the links are down 😦 where can find those? thanks

    • Hey there 🙂
      The best I can recommend is to look at tumblr or even google. Some of the birthing poses I used were custom made for me, but after my computer fried, I lost every file I had on there, which included everything sims related 😦 I’m sorry!

  9. Hello, this may seem like a silly question but your banner… how did you do that so perfectly? Did you use photoshop for it?

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