The Wells Legacy

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Greetings and Welcome to the Wells Legacy!              

I would like to take the time to introduce myself and this story that I have dedicated 6 (and still going!) years to.

Photo on 3-8-16 at 7.13 AM #2

My name is Olga, but I am often referred to as Sonny Wells (Facebook)  and TheDarkMuse (Official Sims 3 website). I have been writing  stories and poetry for over 10 years, but it was only recently that I decided to put my work out for it to be viewed publicly. This legacy has a very special place in my heart and the fact that I met some pretty phenomenal people along the way just adds to it.

Now, how did the legacy actually start?

Since the release of the 3rd installment of The Sims, I read a lot of legacies and short stories before deciding to jump on the bandwagon of having a weekly updated blog. The story that truly inspired me to start blogging was Splash of Color: A Pastel Rainbowcy by Berry. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend that you do. But aside from being inspired by others, I always had a love for writing, so I never see this blog as work, but as a fun project to share the progress of the Wells family.

Unlike some legacies, I write mine in a story format set from a first person point of view. Much of the family is already figured out and outlined, so I do not use polls to decide the new heiress. My sims often have a lot of personality all on their own, so I can promise you all that no generation will be the same. Despite it being a story that I’m staging (a lot of the time), the majority of characters are employed. Motherlode is only used when building  new family houses–then they’re cut off >.<

The core cheats I use are : testingcheatsenabled, hideheadlineeffects, moveobjects, buydebug, and moviemakercheatsenabled.

Other info:

All of the legacy houses are built by me meaning that they aren’t perfect, but I make them to help me with pictures, haha. I can’t have small rooms when I’m zooming around! 

Most lots are also built by me, unless said otherwise.

Important note:

All characters/plots/creations are mine unless I state otherwise, so please do NOT plagiarize. It’s quite rude and unfair to the author!

Like this Legacy? Do you have a facebook? Then come on by the Official Wells Legacy Facebook page where you will often find sneak peeks and extra information regarding posts and characters that you won’t find on here 🙂

Facebook Page

Are you a fan of Atoli, Isobel, or Cateo? Come check them out on facebook, where you can interact with them outside of the blog!

Atoli Wells

Isobel Wells

Cateo Wells

And last but not least….



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent in every way I can think. Keep up the good work.

  2. Do you have a way of letting people contact you, i.e. email… I already know of the Wells Legacy facebook page cause I’ve liked it… but do you have a skype by any chance? I’d like to know because you seem to know what you’re doing when it comes to posting on wordpress, and I’d like to start writing a legacy of my own seeing as summer break is coming… Thanks.
    ~Cassie, noob who doesn’t know what she’s doing 🙂

  3. Discovered you today and will begin reading. I was just perusing everything in the meantime. I love your CC. Do you keep a content list anywhere of where to download it?

  4. Just found this blog from Rose Legacy. This is awesome~
    I really like it, keep it up 😀

  5. I truly prize your function, Wonderful post. eebddgcefdee

  6. Just found this from the rose legacy, SO EXCITED!

  7. Aww your so pretty!!!

    I don’t know if you can remember me (I wrote/write The Fearless Legacy) I made a new account and I also scraped everything I wrote and am starting fresh with this account. My legacy is still called The Fearless Legacy but yeah (sorry i’m rambling)

    Anyway to my point- I know your really busy but do you thing, when you have time, if you could review my legacy? And maybe give me a few pointers and your honest opinion please? Iv’e only got one chapter out so far but Chapter 2 is coming out soon after I take screenshots 🙂

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