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Update: Where the heck are The Wells?


Hey, everyone!

I hope you’re doing well. Life has been a little hectic. I graduated in May and I also ended up being promoted to a full-time assistant manager at the job I’ve been at for almost 2 years. I was transferred to another location as well, so my drive went from being 5 minutes to 35, so it’s a little bit of an adjustment. But things are really turning around at that location. Since my transfer, our numbers have tripled, soooo, woohoo! 🙂 That sure looks good!

Life has been great though 🙂 I’ll be honest that this may be the happiest I’ve been in a really long time. Life can be stressful and a little confusing when you’re in a transition period after finishing school, but I know my time is coming up to do what I really want to do…

So,the update on the story?

My PC is currently fried and I am putting full blame on stupid Windows 10…I DID NOT WANT THAT UPDATE, YOU FOOLS! Woke up at 2 AM one day to find that it decided to update on its own. I’ve been dodging that crap for months. Ridiculous.

Literally fried my hard disk. So ridiculous. Luckily all my chapters are on my laptop, so I will continue writing once I settle down a little bit. I do have to find my drafts on my laptop to since they seem to be surrounded by files from my freelance gigs that had me researching siding and window replacements >.<

On the bright side, I will be getting some help with building a computer, so I’m pretty darn excited.

So, while my updates have been ungodly slow, know that I am still around. I am always checking things out when I have a moment to sit down.




Author: Olga Ziminska

24, Freelancer. Gamer. I'm a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in English. Writing has always been my passion and this is one of my outlets to showcase it. The Wells Legacy is my primary blog and other works are updated when I have some extra time (:

4 thoughts on “Update: Where the heck are The Wells?

  1. Ahh I’m glad to see everything’s okay with you Olga! I’m glad to hear that your life is good right now, I’m very happy for you!!

    And congrats on the new job! I know how stressful that can be, so I’m glad you’ve settled in nicely, even if it was a bit of an adjustment for you at first haha.

    And that sucks about your laptop. Mine was trying to do the same thing the other week with the upgrade, but I managed to stop it thankfully! Honestly, I was worried mine was going to say the same thing, and my laptop is slow enough as it is. Hopefully you’ll have a great new computer! 🙂

    • Yeah, I completely know what she is going through. My Dell Inspiron 1525 that I bought back in 2009 finally decided that it didn’t want to cooperate anymore.

      It could be though the monitor too that it was hooked to(I have yet to test the theory with my HP Laptop that I have) though the HP is old, and was given to me by a friend who bought it at a pawn shop and runs on Windows XP Professional…so I’m a little scared about testing it with a monitor(totally silly right?)

      I can at least play The Sims 1, and The Sims 3…which sometimes gives the laptop a hard time, but works. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad things are going well for you 🙂 I hope you never stop writing (sim stories or otherwise) you have a talent, a real gift 😀

  3. congratulations on graduating! sorry for the severely later congratulating! 🙂

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