The Wells Legacy

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Hi there, I’m Amelie Wells and before you say anything that makes me look like a bad woman who well, gets around, allow me to explain all that has happened, please.

I was a regular teenager. I did my homework. I got decent grades. I never caused trouble. I tried my best to help out around the house but, I never knew what to do.

My family, huh, well, let’s see. I have two sisters. Genine and Lucy. My parents were never registered as self-employed but, they worked from home. My mother,Hope, painted and, my father, Zack, he was a writer who wrote many many books. They both worked very hard to raise us triplets. That’s right, triplets.

There they are. Mom and Dad. They worked so hard that well, we never had much of family time. We didn’t seem like a family sometimes. We were simply strangers living under the same roof.

My parents were very faithful and rarely showed any affection towards one another. But I’m sure things were way different before we were born.

Well alright, I had a boyfriend who helped me. He talked with me, went out on dates with me. The lack of socialization seemed like a thing of the past when I was with him but, the pain was still there. Vincent Silent was his name. He had lovely bright green hair..I loved it because it was so different from mine. I was the only one in my family that had black hair. I hated it but, Vincent loved it. He said he loved everything about me.

So, when my 19th birthday came along, I had gathered all my courage to say goodbye to my family home and moved out. It was nice and not too big. Fully decorated with a family in mind.

Feeling lonely the first night, I invited Vincent over. Seeing as we haven’t seen each other in quite some time, it wasn’t long till things started heating up. One thing led to another and well here I am now, telling you about this..

That night changed my life forever. The next few weeks I was feeling a little iffy. I threw up at least three times a week. I NEVER threw up that much in my life so, I figured something was wrong. After a while I guess it finally clicked, I was pregnant.

Unmarried and pregnant. That was something that was not smiled upon in my family.

I wore dresses that never hugged my body. I couldn’t let me family know. I wanted so very much to have someone to support me. I guess I should have depended on Vincent,right? Wrong. After that night, he stopped calling, he stopped visiting. I couldn’t depend on someone like that. My child could not have a father like that.

I broke it off with Vincent

” You never called me back. I needed your help and you never came. I’ve been there for you. I’ve ALWAYS been there for you. And to think that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I sure was dumb. I can’t depend on you anymore… I’m sure you only listened to me and spent time with me JUST so you could sleep with me. You know what? Don’t even bother calling me.”

“Amelie…,” he sighed.

” Go. Now,” I commanded

Well, after that the house seemed so bigger than it was. I decided to go visit my family. Let me just add, this family made me nervous. Every member of the family had to be fit. Physical appearance projected an image of success and control of ones life. I had a point in my life where I was a little chubbier and my sisters always made fun of me. They thought they were better just because they looked more like our parents. I worked so hard to lose the weight and when I was back to my regular self. Even with me looking physically fit like my sisters, the bullying never seemed to stop. Everytime I had a little more food than my sisters, they would start calling me names. The day I visited them, I couldn’t seem to calm myself down. My heart was about to burst out of my chest as I thought of my sisters twisted faces. They still didn’t know about my pregnancy, and it was becoming more difficult to cloak. My dresses were no longer enough to hide my growing baby bump.

I saw Dad. He was older now, and always talking about work and well, everything other than family. He never even stopped to ask how I was doing. We truly were strangers.

I also saw my sisters. I guess we looked alike if it wasn’t for our hair. Sitting there between the two of them, I did my very best to keep my cool. But sitting there, I could feel their dark aura around me. I felt sick.

“So, Amelie…,” began Genine as she nodded towards me,” Interesting dress you’re wearing. Looks like you gained some weight again. You know, I thought that I warned you about overeating,dear sister. Just watch, a little more and you’ll be back to the chub-chub you were five years ago.”

I stayed quiet, letting her take her hits at me. Her words were like daggers, but I didn’t want to speak up because it would be like adding gasoline to a fire.

 Just as I thought she was done, she giggled and turned away from me.”I also heard about your break-up.You know, it’s okay. There’s more fish in the sea.Vincent will find someone better than you. He’s like a beautiful crowntail beta, and you’re just a worn down, battered, carnival fish.”

The moment she finished speaking, I wanted nothing more than to get up and strangle her. I wanted her to feel the same pain that she brought me all my life. I wanted her to hear the cruel things she was saying and how it damaged me.

Of course, I didn’t want her to know how much I was hurting inside, so I simply cleared my throat and got up from the couch. “Well, good luck to him.” I said before I walked out of the living room. I saw Mom, she was painting. Of course. that’s all she did now. I greeted her, but she didn’t even look at me.

The moment I left the house, I felt slightly better. The air was clean and free of the tension. I found myself caressing my growing belly and with tears in my eyes I whispered, “I will give you the life I wish I had. I will treat and love you like a Mother should.”

I had enough money saved so I could pay the bills, which meant I didn’t have to work. My biggest fear was going out now that I looked like I was about to burst. I knew that if I walked out into the town, people would notice, people would stare. They would know I was pregnant and husband-less. Gossip would spread, and let me tell you, gossip in Twinbrook spread like wildfire.

My due date was approaching, and it was harder for me to do regular household chores, so I often found myself watching TV, to try to calm myself down. I did have checkups to make sure I was healthy, but they were all house calls. I didn’t trust anyone else but the doctor. Sitting there, watching my favorite comedy show, I felt a sharp pain.

“Ow”, I winced as I tried to get up from the couch. The pain was immense and only got worse. I was in labor and in shock. I was having a baby right there  in my own home. Yes, I was scared, but I think I was more scared of going out to the hospital for help. I didn’t want my baby being automatically shunned because of me.

So, I stayed home. There I was alone, welcoming my child into the world, on my own.

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7 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. aaww… i’m sure you’ll become a great mom…

  2. There’s so few comments here- I think I’ll comment too.
    Poor kid- horrible treatment… Sometimes I feel that way too- I think true buety is on the inside, not the outside.

    • Awww! Thank you so much!

      Yes, I sure do agree with you on that. I’m sorry you feel that way sometimes :c But yes, always keep that in mind because it is very true 🙂

  3. Okay, so while I’m waiting for the new chapter, I’m re-reading this from the start and omg so many memories already ;__; this legacy is so perfect!

  4. Why did I wait ages with finding this one…? It was an interesting start and I… *looks at recent posts* oh… that was a lot… hehe… I guess I better start reading XP Oh, I took a quick look at your other works as well; they seem very interesting. I think that I’m gonna start reading those after I have gotten a bit on this one XP And I already hate her sisters more than anything, okay I hate Genine, not the other sister because she didn’t say anything. ^^

  5. Ah, just rereading this gives me such nostalgia 😉

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